Hello ☆I’m Minami.

Thank you so much for visiting my page(^^)

Here, I would like to share ideas of coordinates of outfits in my daily life♪

I really love clothes ☆especially I like to enjoy thinking about various of coordinates by using clothes in my closet.

Don’t you think clothes have such a big power for lifting up your motivation in any occasions?  I believe it and enjoy it♪

I hope my ideas can give some tips how to coordinate your clothes you already have in your closet(^^) and it would be also nice to share any ideas from anyone☆彡

In addition to this, I also would love to introduce some great places for shopping in Tokyo♪  I really like secondhand or antique clothes, so I am happy to share some of those stores here(^^)!

I hope you can enjoy it☆彡

Please feel free to give me any messages if you have any ideas or questions♪

Happy to share anything about fashion and maybe I can give you some tips where you should go for shopping in Tokyo☆

Thank you ★