Shopping in Tokyo 5

Are you looking for a good place to buy some Japanese stuff?? 

And maybe better for you to do shopping in a convenient place where you actually can visit as many places as possible in a short time? 

 I’m sure that you may find many traditional Japanese souvenirs if you visit Asakusa or Ueno, or even in somewhere in Shinjyuku, but the place I want to strongly recommend you to visit is “KITTE” which is near from Tokyo station. 

 Now you are curious why I pick us this specific place for shopping, aren’t you ?? 

 Here are some great reasons which can make you visit there !! 


☆Find practical stuff which has both modern and traditional Japanese tastes! 

 As I wrote above, it is not so difficult to find any Japanese stuff anywhere in a big city, Tokyo. 

However, I can still recommend visiting KITTE especially as there are many unique things which mix with traditional Japanese tastes and modern design.  

These combinations are not only working to make things unique but also practical for our daily life. 

 Here are some shops you may find those things in KITTE. 


*Good Design Store 


*CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” 





☆Find very much Japanese pattern on fashion accessories 


If you would like to find something normal but with Japanese taste, this is the place you should visit. 

In many shops, there are things in original editions with Japanese tastes. Since this means that things are not made for souvenirs but daily life, you may find things in your mind but with Japanese tastes. 


Especially fashion accessories, you may find ones with Japanese patterns. 


Take a look at those stores where you may find the one! 




*石見銀山 群言堂 

(Iwami-Ginzan Gungendo)  

Of course, you may find more shops in addition to above ones and also I would like to recommend to check restaurants in this building as well. 


Enjoy your time for shopping efficiently and worthy ♪ 



Try secondhand clothes in Japan!


If there anyone who has not challenged to buy secondhand clothes in your life??

Are you hesitate to buy secondhand clothes because those are just not new?

Are you uncomfortable to wear clothes after used by strangers?

Sure,  these are really understandable concerns and commonly those who have not tried any secondhand clothes have these feelings.

However, I can still recommend to try on secondhand clothes even though it is the first time for you and also can be sure that you enjoy your shopping in stores.

Here are some great points you may be interested in and I hope these can make you feel willing to try secondhand clothes(^^)


*Brands clothes are collected

Usually, secondhand clothing stores are strict to correct clothes and really care about conditions.

Some stores only buy clothes of limited brands or ones with better conditions than their requirements.

These mean there are only clothes which could pass these very strict regulations in stores so you actually do not have to be too worried about conditions of these used clothes.

Sometimes you cannot realize that these are secondhand when you are looking at clothes in a store because of almost perfectly clean conditions of clothes.

As I wrote some secondhand stores only correct specific brands, you do not hesitate to trust its original condition either.

And it gives you an easy way to find your favorite ones in a secondhand store if you have any favorite brands!

☆RAGTAG  Brand List

☆Kind Brand List



*Able to check details on a tag

It is necessary to make sure conditions of clothes whenever and wherever you buy secondhand clothes. Sometimes it is a bit of hard work to check all of them when you are doing shopping in stores but still, you want to know why clothes are secondhand and cheap.

In Japan, many secondhand stores are putting tags which show detailed conditions of each clothes such as where already got dirty on clothes, condition rank, original price and so on.

I can say it is easy for anyone to make sure whether those secondhand clothes are still worth to be purchased or not by checking these tags and it also gives you more comfortable feeling to do shopping in secondhand clothing stores.

Japan is well known as an organized country and you can see this fact in secondhand clothing stores as well.

Clothes are sold at cheaper prices only because these are secondhand but actually almost all clothes in stores are still very much wearable as if these are like new ones.

Please try!  It would be fun for you to find some clothes designated by Japanese designers☆彡




Clothes from my Grandma

Trendy fashion style is coming around in every few decades so it is sure that you may find some fashionable things in your home or even your grandparents’s  home.


I call my grandparents home “Treasure house” as I can find many unique, interesting and fashionable things whenever I visit.

My grandma has been interested in fashion a lot since she was young so she has tons of clothes which she doesn’t wear anymore. She always asks me to take a look these stuff and gives me whatever I like.


Here, I would like to share some clothes I got from her home and share some tips how to mix them with fresh and modern style.


☆Green jacket with flowers

This is actually my favorite jacket and it is very useful to wear with both pants and skirt.

Since there are several colors on this jacket, it will be easier to wear something black so that this jacket will lead the main role of the outfits.

It will be also fashionable if any color from jacket such as green, red, or yellow is on the other outfit and the combination of either these color with this jacket will look a bit more unique than wearing black color.


☆Brown Jacket with satin blouse

This brown jacket is very much cared about details and looks a bit formal as well as this satin blouse. It is nice to wear these pieces together as colors match very well but I would like to casual down by coordinating with jeans or short pants.

Even with black pants, it can be a bit more casual depending on the fabric of pants and your choice of shoes.

What an amazing thing of vintage clothes is these are cared about details very much and you can actually see its delicate design and sewing.



☆Dress with paisley pattern

How it is amazing to see patterns are also coming around as a trend as well as designs every few decades.  This dress can be looked formal if I have small leather bag with gold decoration, like above and I can easily imagine that my grandma wore this dress in a formal way with row heals with small fancy black bag.

But would be nice if I wear with snickers and have a casual cotton back instead of a leather black bag ♪


If you are looking for vintage or antique clothes…. Why not try to ask your grandma or mother if they have anything they do not wear anymore(^^)

It is always fun to think about coordinates to turn out these old and vintage clothes  as fresh and trendy ones with my own items.

Always treasures are surrounding you…☆彡





DIY for your nail colors♪


It is becoming more and more popular to go to nail salons for one of the fashions of your style.

However, some people are still enjoying to design their own nails by using nail polishes sold in just normal stores and I am actually one of them.


The reason why I like to use nail polishes and do by myself is that the nails act such a big role for my coordinates so I would like to choose colors or designs depending on my outfits.


Since I have been doing so for a long time, I would like to share some ideas which give you to design your nails easily.


☆Use two different colors which have similar contrasts.

Here is an example. I just pick up “Gray” and “Silver” which are similar but still different if you see carefully.

It is so easy to design your nails in this way.

Just pick up some fingers for each color and put them normally.

Color differences are not so obvious to be seen but this way is simply fashionable and fun to enjoy nail polishes very easily.


“ Pink” and “Pearl Brown” can work for the same way as well.


☆Use more than two colors

You maybe wonder if this way will be difficult, however, it is still easy to use even more than two colors for your small nail.

In this case, I use all of the colors and put each of them a little on all nails to create a color combination.

You do not have to care about putting them clearly or correctly when you do so, just please think that you are like drawing and even unbalanced colors can be a design of nails.

If you really do care about details, please select colors which are lighter such as light pink, pearl or glitter colors as these colors are less visible when you put them on your nails even a bit differently.


☆Use glitter nail polish

Glitter color is very useful when you wanna put a bit of accent on your nails.

Since the glitter color does not choose colors of your outfit, it is also useful to design your nails for any outfits.

Another good point to use glitter color is that I can be relaxed to put this color on my nail, it means this color is not obvious even if I put it differently on each nail.

I always but it half of each nail as the color is kind of too strong to put whole part of the nail.

However, as I wrote above, I do not care about lines of when I design nails with this color.




☆Put your favorite color on a small part of your nail

Well… it is hard to explain with words how to put colors on your nails in this way.

Please see the pictures below to find out what I am saying(^^)

The best thing about this way of nail polishing is that you do not care about coming off nail colors easily and keep its design longer.


So how are these? Could you feel that some of the ideas are easy enough to try by yourself?

Let’s try and enjoy colors with nails too♪(●^^●)

DIY for Bags


Do you like to follow trends or to have your own style?

Since all fashion stores are following trends each season, it is not easy to have your own different style nowadays.

So I think it is depending on your idea how much your own tastes you can have on your outfits♪。。。 like people say DIY.


I really like to arrange clothes just a bit in order to have my own tastes.


Here, I would like to introduce some of my ideas which definitely you can incorporate into your outfits from today!


☆Use a ribbon you may have in your home

Are you a corrector of small accessories which are from presents or packages??

Sometimes there are many cute small things on packages of presents from my friends or shop bags and I am actually correcting these things such as ribbons, bottom and so on.


If you correct these things as I do, I give you a good idea to use them for your outfits.

I am using ribbons for my simple and cheap bag and normal T-shirts.


Only with a normal ribbon, you can actually see you can make your own new design for any kinds of outfits.



☆Use scarf for your bag

On my outfit, I really like to put a bit of color.

Using scarfs is very good way to put colors and also makes your out fits look a bit more fashionable.

Of course, I like famous high brands but sometimes it is a bit boring to have bags of these brands as usually these are too much well known and the bag itself has such a strong character than my own taste.

I am not sure how you think about this opinion but I can see some people have the same idea as mine.

Because I have seen some people draw messages or pictures on expensive bags to add their own tastes and I think it is very cool!

But unfortunately, I do not have this much big brave to do so…

So I have this idea☆

Also, a very simple bag can be unique if you use a scarf and you can have different tastes by using other colors or patterns of scarfs depending on your outfits.

Why not try to find something you can add to your outfits??

Do you have any other ideas?  Please share with me(^^)★☆彡


Shopping in Tokyo 4


In this article, I still would like to continue introducing the shopping place, “LUMINE”, in Shinjyuku area.

Compared to LUMINE EST which is the one I wrote in my previous article, LIMINE 1 and 2 select a bit more luxury and designable collections and you may easily find high brands stores as well. Of course, these can be more expensive than most of the things in LUMINE EST but please do not worry about your budget too much as still many things are affordable there as well.

Here, I would like to list up some of my favorite stores.I hope you can enjoy taking a look at them as well as I do♪

I hope you can enjoy taking a look at them as well as I do♪


In LUMINE1, I can recommend you to go to the underground floor, B2, in addition to these fashion stores listed below. There are many cheap but good restaurants to make your stomach full quickly. I really like Thai food restaurant called “Bangkokyataikaosan” where looks like a casual local restaurant in Thai!! This is the place you can enjoy on your own as well as your friends both for lunch and dinner(^^)♪


Once you become full with a great Thai food, let’s explore fashion shores ☆彡


◆Shinzone : 2F

This is the Japanese select shop.

Selected clothes go well with denim and have very high quality with casual tastes.

In addition, since these clothes are not only very basic but also blushed up with current mode, it is very easy and also cool to make modern styles with clothes from Shinzone .


You may definitely come up with your new idea for your coordinate to take a look at Shinzone’s cool styles.


◆IENA : 3F

IENA is the Japanese bland and offers French basic clothes for women who are enjoying their own time both at work and private life.

Their clothes are following trends of course but also have sophisticated design which allow you to wear timelessly.

You may see what is French fashion image we Japanese people have in this store as well.


◆Bshop : 5F

This is also a select shop and dealing in not only Japanese brands but also from many places in the world, such as UK, US, Italy, France and so on.

Selected clothes are very high quality with classic tastes so that you may use them for a long time regardless any trends.


If you are the person who especially focuses on quality for clothes than unique design, I definitely recommend you to visit this store.




LUMINE2 is located just next to LUMINE1 so you can definitely take some time to visit this department as well.

The interesting about LUMINE2 is that there is a hall where you can see shows of Japanese comedians on the 7th floor. This show company is from Osaka, where is the place people are looking for fun and laugh all the time. If you are interested in, it is worth to visit, well…most of shows are provided only in Japanese though☆


There are many stores on the 2nd floor but I would like to pick up these two unique stores below.


◆gelato pique : 2F

This is the store only deals in room clothes.

It is becoming a trend in Japan to have comfortable and good quality room clothes to enjoy and be relax in own home.

Items are very girlish and pretty much Japanese tastes (regardless its name) so it would be nice to buy something for souvenir from Japan.


Girls !!  You should visit here to put some cute tastes for your time in the home♪


◆snidel : 2F

This is the Japanese brand offers “Sweet Street Fashion”.

The reason why I would like to share this store here is exactly the concept written above.

It can be easy for you to put some “ cute “ tastes by using clothes from “snidel”.

Even if you only take a look at their coordinates from the following URL or of course at the store, it will help you to come up with new ideas for your daily coordinates.

There are even more stores of course!!

Hope you find your favorite one(●^^●)

Shopping in Tokyo 3

Are you interested in Japanese fashion?

Would you like to put some shopping plans into your travel schedule?


Here, I would like to share Shinjyuku area for your time to do shopping.

Shinjyuku is one of the most popular destinations for both locals and tourists. More than 3.5 million people are using this station per day which is considered the busiest transportation hub in the world and is actually registered with the Guinness record.


Because of this fact, it is easy for you to imagine that there are so many places to see and of course shopping is one of those things you need to enjoy in this area.

Even though it is very nice to walk around Shinjyuku area to find some small boutiques, I would like to introduce the place where is more convenient and probably you can save your time to do shopping in this article.

(well… still, there is a possibility that you will spend more time for shopping because of many great shops in the place though (●^_^●)



LUMINE EST is a department store of fashion, some items for daily life as well as some restaurants and I’m sure it is the place you may find many trendy things for Japanese people.


There are actually three LUMINEs near Shinjyuku station and each has different taste.

LUMINE EST is the one you may find a bit more casual and less expensive items compared to other two LUMINEs and I recommend LUMINE EST for people who are interested in so called “Japanese fashion” and younger people who maybe have limited budgets for shopping.

This is the URL of LUMINE EST♪


I would like to share some of my favorite stores in LUMINE EST below☆彡

◆Le Talon (Shoe store) : B2nd floor

I really like this shoe store as there are shoes which are not just only useful but have also a bit unique designs even in this small shop. You may definitely find shoes for work and special occasions in your private life from the variety of different collections.

There are also some clothes and I can find unique but very much wearable ones every time I visit this store, so do not forget to take a look at them as well.

Website of Le Talon is as below (only in Japanese)



In this store, you may find basic clothes which you may definitely use in your daily life both for your work and weekends.

Maybe “Cute fashion” is well-known in the world as a Japanese fashion but basic, clean and simple fashion style is also for many Japanese people.

Their fashion styles are following the trend with their own tastes.

You may find what kind of clothes and accessories they have from the following webpage♪

(all written in Japanese)


◆BEAMS : B2nd floor


Here, you may actually find some of the items similar to UNITED ARROWS written above but also there are some of a bit more casual and unique items as well.

I recommend you to take time for taking a look at accessories in this store as they have many kinds of different ones for price and design.

It is also nice to go both UNITED ARROWS and BEAMS to compare items you are interested in with price or small details of its design as same as I do always. (This is one of the main reasons that I always take time to do shopping hahahaha♪)

Find your favorite items in advance to save your time for shopping☆


◆flower : 3rd floor

This is the place you may find girlish items which exactly fit your image of “Japanese daily fashion style”.  Almost all of their clothes have some of cute tastes but still can be arranged for your daily coordinates. In this store, I also buy accessories as well, since these look like hand made and I think accessories are a good item to add a little cute taste on my outfits.

There are some collections of secondhand clothes too. You may enjoy taking a look at them as well, although many of these are from Europe or US.

Please refer to the following web page to see how cute their clothes are♪


Of course, there are more stores in LUMINE EST !!

Even though Japanese fashion is influenced world’s trend, of course, I hope you can find some of the Japanese original tastes here.


Enjoy your shopping♪


☆彡I will share about LUMINE 1 in my next article ☆彡


DIY for T-shirts☆彡

To enjoy the mid summer, T-shirts can be your everyday outfits regard less any kinds of coordinates.

Since it is a trend to make a combination of T-shirts and cute skirts or dresses, there is a wide range of options to use T-shirts in your outfits.

It is nice to find unique, stylish or sometimes vintage T-shirts but why not to make your own design ???


Here I would like to share my ideas to make your own T-shirts with a tiny and easy effort.


★Cut it !!


The good thing to correct T-shirts is you can easily find simple and affordable ones.

So…you do not have to worry about having mistakes! Just cut it!!!

If you think the shape is too normal or sporty, cut the part of its shoulder♪

If you do not like stitch of your T-shirt, just cut that part☆彡


You even do not have to care about sewing the part you cut off as nowadays without being stitched can be also a cool design.

I also like to make holes on shoulder parts as it can be like a design drawn with flesh color which you can see when you actually wear it♪


★Use buttons

Buttons are a very useful item to arrange any kinds of clothes and of course using them for T-shirts is not the exception.

Even you have never been into sewing, sewing buttons is soooooo easy and you can definitely try to do it now(^^)

You can choose colors or designs for buttons of course and also it is nice to make a combination of buttons and threads.


Actually, you can use buttons to fix the shape of your T-shirts when you have a mistake to cut it too much as well. (This is the reason I started using buttons for T-shirts actually and I found out it can be a good way to create my own design of T-shirts♪)


Aren’t you brave enough to try these things?

I’m sure you may always find some T-shirts which are old or not your favorite shapes from your closet, so do not get scared to make mistakes and just try to arrange them and find out your own design ♪



Shopping in Tokyo 2

Tokyo is one of the greatest shopping districts for antiques in the world!

Almost all fashionable areas in the world have great antique stops or markets, and Tokyo is not the exception!!

If you are in Tokyo, why not find out Japanese antiques which can be rarely available outside of Japan☆彡

In this page, I would like to introduce Koenji area which is a bit outside of center of Tokyo but still very near and convenient to visit !

Koenji Station Map

Koenji is the place where you may find your own style for fashion as there are many unique and individual small shops or variety stores.

It is very much fun to find out new stores in each narrow street and you would never get bored to be there♪  In this place, fashion will be your own style without strong inspirations of trends.

Hereinafter, I would like to introduce one place where you may find Japanese antique clothes in this area★

★Peep Cheep

There are wide range of retro one pieces made in 1960’s from around 3,000JPY !  Although they are dealing in some clothes from overseas, almost all of them are made in and from Japan♪

You may definitely find many cute and retro accessories which will suit antique one pieces. You may not leave this store without checking scarfs which are near the cashier counter and also do not forget to check some remake and handmade items as well ♪(^^)

Peep Cheep Map

Peep Cheep Website(In Japanese only)

Shopping in Tokyo 1

★Second hand clothes store★☆RAGTAG flag shop, Shibuya Tokyo★

RAGTAG is a chain secondhand clothes store which has several brunches in big cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama … etc.

RAGTAG in Shibuya is located on the shopping street called “Cat street”(where is actually interesting for you to visit ♪)and this shop is considered as the biggest one between other RAGTAG shops.

It has various range of selections for ladies, men’s and even for kids or interior in all three floors. You may definitely find your favorites as this shop has also variety of tastes of clothes for both ladies and men’s from casual and street brands to super brands.

You maybe cannot believe that all clothes there are secondhand but it is true and RAGTAG  choose only clothes which have good conditions and relatively new editions!! and yes, they are selling these clothes with 50-80% off than original prices.

If you are not used to buy or use secondhand clothes, this place is for you (^^)

Especially if you are a lover of high brands, this store can be vary attractive as you may find many of your favorites at much lower prices♪

If you would like to sell your cloths, it is also available there!! Please check the URL below so that you may find more details. It is very common for secondhand clothes lovers to sell clothes you may not use anymore and buy new ones at the same time there!!♪

I definitely recommend  both secondhand clothes lover and beginner to visit RAGTAG Shibuya flag shop !!

Enjoy your shopping in Tokyo☆彡

☆RAGTAG Shibuya☆                                    

☆Enjoy variety(Brands)☆                      

☆For selling☆        (Sorry………. This page is written in only Japanese)