Share some ideas for Coordinates of everyday fashion☆彡

Girls all love shopping !!

Even though we know we have enough or more than enough clothes in our closets, we always feel like to have new ones whenever we do window shopping.

Wait a minit to buy a new one …..think about what you have already in your home ★

Here in this place, I would like to focus on colors to share how to arrange clothes I already have in my home.

As you guys may know, colors can make magic for your outfit! It is definitely the most important tips when you think about your outfit ♪

Enjoy colors for seasons, convinations of colors…. try to use unsusual colors on the small part of your outfit☆

There are so many ways to arrange your clothes by using different colors!

Since I love to have some nostalgic and antique tastes on my outfit, I also want to share antique or secondhand stuffs or stores from Tokyo sometimes(^^)

It would be also great to share your tips for choosing outfits in your everyday life here♪

hope you enjoy here (^^)