Clothes from my Grandma

Trendy fashion style is coming around in every few decades so it is sure that you may find some fashionable things in your home or even your grandparents’s  home.


I call my grandparents home “Treasure house” as I can find many unique, interesting and fashionable things whenever I visit.

My grandma has been interested in fashion a lot since she was young so she has tons of clothes which she doesn’t wear anymore. She always asks me to take a look these stuff and gives me whatever I like.


Here, I would like to share some clothes I got from her home and share some tips how to mix them with fresh and modern style.


☆Green jacket with flowers

This is actually my favorite jacket and it is very useful to wear with both pants and skirt.

Since there are several colors on this jacket, it will be easier to wear something black so that this jacket will lead the main role of the outfits.

It will be also fashionable if any color from jacket such as green, red, or yellow is on the other outfit and the combination of either these color with this jacket will look a bit more unique than wearing black color.


☆Brown Jacket with satin blouse

This brown jacket is very much cared about details and looks a bit formal as well as this satin blouse. It is nice to wear these pieces together as colors match very well but I would like to casual down by coordinating with jeans or short pants.

Even with black pants, it can be a bit more casual depending on the fabric of pants and your choice of shoes.

What an amazing thing of vintage clothes is these are cared about details very much and you can actually see its delicate design and sewing.



☆Dress with paisley pattern

How it is amazing to see patterns are also coming around as a trend as well as designs every few decades.  This dress can be looked formal if I have small leather bag with gold decoration, like above and I can easily imagine that my grandma wore this dress in a formal way with row heals with small fancy black bag.

But would be nice if I wear with snickers and have a casual cotton back instead of a leather black bag ♪


If you are looking for vintage or antique clothes…. Why not try to ask your grandma or mother if they have anything they do not wear anymore(^^)

It is always fun to think about coordinates to turn out these old and vintage clothes  as fresh and trendy ones with my own items.

Always treasures are surrounding you…☆彡





DIY for your nail colors♪


It is becoming more and more popular to go to nail salons for one of the fashions of your style.

However, some people are still enjoying to design their own nails by using nail polishes sold in just normal stores and I am actually one of them.


The reason why I like to use nail polishes and do by myself is that the nails act such a big role for my coordinates so I would like to choose colors or designs depending on my outfits.


Since I have been doing so for a long time, I would like to share some ideas which give you to design your nails easily.


☆Use two different colors which have similar contrasts.

Here is an example. I just pick up “Gray” and “Silver” which are similar but still different if you see carefully.

It is so easy to design your nails in this way.

Just pick up some fingers for each color and put them normally.

Color differences are not so obvious to be seen but this way is simply fashionable and fun to enjoy nail polishes very easily.


“ Pink” and “Pearl Brown” can work for the same way as well.


☆Use more than two colors

You maybe wonder if this way will be difficult, however, it is still easy to use even more than two colors for your small nail.

In this case, I use all of the colors and put each of them a little on all nails to create a color combination.

You do not have to care about putting them clearly or correctly when you do so, just please think that you are like drawing and even unbalanced colors can be a design of nails.

If you really do care about details, please select colors which are lighter such as light pink, pearl or glitter colors as these colors are less visible when you put them on your nails even a bit differently.


☆Use glitter nail polish

Glitter color is very useful when you wanna put a bit of accent on your nails.

Since the glitter color does not choose colors of your outfit, it is also useful to design your nails for any outfits.

Another good point to use glitter color is that I can be relaxed to put this color on my nail, it means this color is not obvious even if I put it differently on each nail.

I always but it half of each nail as the color is kind of too strong to put whole part of the nail.

However, as I wrote above, I do not care about lines of when I design nails with this color.




☆Put your favorite color on a small part of your nail

Well… it is hard to explain with words how to put colors on your nails in this way.

Please see the pictures below to find out what I am saying(^^)

The best thing about this way of nail polishing is that you do not care about coming off nail colors easily and keep its design longer.


So how are these? Could you feel that some of the ideas are easy enough to try by yourself?

Let’s try and enjoy colors with nails too♪(●^^●)

DIY for Bags


Do you like to follow trends or to have your own style?

Since all fashion stores are following trends each season, it is not easy to have your own different style nowadays.

So I think it is depending on your idea how much your own tastes you can have on your outfits♪。。。 like people say DIY.


I really like to arrange clothes just a bit in order to have my own tastes.


Here, I would like to introduce some of my ideas which definitely you can incorporate into your outfits from today!


☆Use a ribbon you may have in your home

Are you a corrector of small accessories which are from presents or packages??

Sometimes there are many cute small things on packages of presents from my friends or shop bags and I am actually correcting these things such as ribbons, bottom and so on.


If you correct these things as I do, I give you a good idea to use them for your outfits.

I am using ribbons for my simple and cheap bag and normal T-shirts.


Only with a normal ribbon, you can actually see you can make your own new design for any kinds of outfits.



☆Use scarf for your bag

On my outfit, I really like to put a bit of color.

Using scarfs is very good way to put colors and also makes your out fits look a bit more fashionable.

Of course, I like famous high brands but sometimes it is a bit boring to have bags of these brands as usually these are too much well known and the bag itself has such a strong character than my own taste.

I am not sure how you think about this opinion but I can see some people have the same idea as mine.

Because I have seen some people draw messages or pictures on expensive bags to add their own tastes and I think it is very cool!

But unfortunately, I do not have this much big brave to do so…

So I have this idea☆

Also, a very simple bag can be unique if you use a scarf and you can have different tastes by using other colors or patterns of scarfs depending on your outfits.

Why not try to find something you can add to your outfits??

Do you have any other ideas?  Please share with me(^^)★☆彡


DIY for T-shirts☆彡

To enjoy the mid summer, T-shirts can be your everyday outfits regard less any kinds of coordinates.

Since it is a trend to make a combination of T-shirts and cute skirts or dresses, there is a wide range of options to use T-shirts in your outfits.

It is nice to find unique, stylish or sometimes vintage T-shirts but why not to make your own design ???


Here I would like to share my ideas to make your own T-shirts with a tiny and easy effort.


★Cut it !!


The good thing to correct T-shirts is you can easily find simple and affordable ones.

So…you do not have to worry about having mistakes! Just cut it!!!

If you think the shape is too normal or sporty, cut the part of its shoulder♪

If you do not like stitch of your T-shirt, just cut that part☆彡


You even do not have to care about sewing the part you cut off as nowadays without being stitched can be also a cool design.

I also like to make holes on shoulder parts as it can be like a design drawn with flesh color which you can see when you actually wear it♪


★Use buttons

Buttons are a very useful item to arrange any kinds of clothes and of course using them for T-shirts is not the exception.

Even you have never been into sewing, sewing buttons is soooooo easy and you can definitely try to do it now(^^)

You can choose colors or designs for buttons of course and also it is nice to make a combination of buttons and threads.


Actually, you can use buttons to fix the shape of your T-shirts when you have a mistake to cut it too much as well. (This is the reason I started using buttons for T-shirts actually and I found out it can be a good way to create my own design of T-shirts♪)


Aren’t you brave enough to try these things?

I’m sure you may always find some T-shirts which are old or not your favorite shapes from your closet, so do not get scared to make mistakes and just try to arrange them and find out your own design ♪



How to wear Jeans differently

I’m sure everyone has own favorite pair of jeans and it is useful and easy for anyone to coordinate with any colors.

Jeans can fit not only any colors but also any fabrics, for example jeans itself is very casual but if you coordinate with some refined taste of clothes, it will be a good match to make a balance between casual and fancy on your outfits.

You can actually enjoy different tastes on your outfits only by changing colors of jeans♪

Here, I put some coordinates.

Right color jeans with white color


With light color jeans, your outfits can be seen a bit more casual.

It is a nice match with white color for this season ♪ You may put some darker color on your nail if you like … it will be a great combination☆彡

Dark color jeans with black color

If colors of jeans are a bit darker, your outfits will be looked a little more elegant, even though with crush jeans(^^)

Choose darker color of jeans if you do not wanna be too casual.

Differences between just black pants and black jeans

(I am sorry it is a bit hard to show color differences between two blacks in this picture)

Even though comparing the same color, fabric can make your outfit look different.  Jeans has such a great power to make your outfit casual down with a great balance.

Try to compare black jeans and just black pants with jackets or blouses, so that you may find some different tastes on your outfits and you can choose your preference(^^)☆彡

Are you wearing the same pair of jeans  all the time?

Why not try to choose some different and enjoy different tastes easily ♪

Colorful color for your cardigan ♪

I feel summer is just around the corner ! It is getting warmer and warmer in Japan and there are lots of green which can heal and also give us a lots of energy (^^)

But the weather is not like “summer” as morning and evening can be cooler. Sometimes it is better to have jacket still now if there is no sunshine as well.

Since the tempacher can change in a day, this kind of weatehr makes us feel difficut to choose our outfits.

With this weaher I usually use cardigans.

It is easy to take on and off and also right to carry if it is warm enough not to wear during the day with sunshine♪

In addition to this convenience, it is also a good way to use cardigan the same as accessories. You can actually enjoy color coordinates easily with cardigans.

Here, I would like to share some examples☆

Do not be afraid to use bright colors on your cardigans (^^)

Do not choose just Black for yellow color ☆Red can match with yellow and looks more fun!!

If the pink color is not so strong, you may actually enjoy any colors for pink.

I usually enjoy this dress with blue or khaki to make this dress look not too sweet but cooler.

If the fabric is not too heavy, you can also choose long cardigan♪

Cardigans can make your simple outfits look a bit more special ☆

With this long cardigan, I always wear very simple clothes so that the color contrast can be more obvious and looks beautiful★

If you are not sure how to match with colors, it is also one of the best way to choose similar color for you cardigan.

Sometimes to keep simple looks much better than choosing too much different colors.

Maybe this weather is good for you to try to find new coordinates of your out fits with cardigan(〇^^〇)

Black Magic ☆彡

Black is a magic color which can show elegance and also casual atmosphere depending on fabrics or design. In addition, this color is acceptable to be worn in any season, even in the beginning of summer, the weather like now.

Here, I would like to share how to coordinate Black × Black☆

This coordinate is very simple but can show your skin clearly and it is easy to be seen fashionable as well.

Only the thing you need to be careful to use black with warm weather is fabric and combination of other outfits.

1. Choose bright colors for other items.

If you wear black and have a black leather bag is too heavy with this warm weather.

Let’s pic up a bag with light color or even basket.

These color combination can show your outfit cooler and lighter.

You may enjoy any colors with black so do not hesitate to have some flashy colors♪  It can also show the free atmosphere of the summer season on your outfits(^^)

2. Choose light color on your nails

I love red color for my nails but I don’t think it is a good match, red and black in this season ….

This combination looks too heavy and too strong.

If you would like to put red type of color, choose pink or orange so that the balance between colors can  be softer ☆these colors also can make black color seems lighter (^^)

3. Simple and delicate accessories

Better to wear simple and delicate accessories than big and too gorgeous ones.

↓ This is fine ☆彡 but……

↓This choice is also able to show yourself lighter and delicate so that black color cannot be too heavy on your outfits.

Black is the easiest color to challenge to make your own coordinates as I wrote this is a magic color which can fit with any other colors.

If you have anything you have not used for a long time, why not try to coordinate them with black color?? Maybe you will find a new favorite ♪

Silver or Gold ?!!!

Here in this page , I would like to share some coordinates with Silver and Gold colors ★

*Silver and Blue

As I mentioned in my previous story , silver color matches with blue very well . Especially if blue color is not so dark …, I always put silver accessories .

Sometimes it’s nice to put silver in a big part of your outfits if it’s not too much cool style , like on your bag or big accessories. With skirt or one-piece dress will be a good choice for this coordinate as your outfit can have a good balance , not too sweet but also not too cool !!(о´∀`о)

*Gold with Brown

These two colors always match well and look a bit elegantly. If you are not sure how to coordinate colors , this is the easiest one you may try as I think everyone has gold accessories!

Combination of these colors can make your outfits look a bit like antique sometimes ★ I enjoy these colors in that way as well ♪( ´▽`)

In my opinion, it is important not to mix with these two colors , Silver and Gold together.


Do you have any other colors you think well match with either silver or gold???

please share your idea (^^)☆彡

Silver and Gold ★Accessories★

Choosing accessories is very much fun especially if you wear simple outfits.

I also love accessories, especially rings and earrings.

Whenever I choose accessories for my outfits, I’m following two colors ☆


Silver color matches very well with blue or gray in addition to black and white.

Because of this reason, whenever I choose blue or gray for my outfits, I enjoy silver color on my accessories, bag or belt.


I feel silver has a strong image on itself, so I prefer to use this color with a bit sweet taste of my outfit.


Gold color looks like a bit warmer than silver sometimes.

And easier to add this color with any other colors of outfits than do so with silver, I think★

Especially when I put green or blown on my outfits, I always choose gold accessories ★ These colors match a lot (^^)

I prefer to chose either color for my accessories and not to try to mix both.

Which color do you prefer? Is there any interesting color which can surprisingly fit either color???

Pink pink pink♬☻☻♫•*¨*•.¸

Pink is one of favorite colors for all girls ✿

I also love pink but it is difficult to put pink in your outfits sometimes….

Sometimes out fits look too sweet or cheap。。。。

Let’s see how to coordinate pink color …☆

I love to wear pink with some cool cloths ♪

★Pink × Black

Black is a magic color which can match with any colors.

So, of course pink is not the exception!

If you do not wanna have any mistake to use pink on your outfits as a cool way, this is the easiest and standard combination.

Even with black, pink can show a bit of spring atmosphere on your outfit.

Just you need to choose a good fabric for spring on black color.

★Pink × Gray

Pink matches gray color a lot.

This combination makes your outfit looks soft and girlish , but not too much .

If the pink you choose is not too much bright or strong color, you may also use this coordinate when you go to the office.

★Pink × Khaki

If you do not wear Pink as a sweet color or Khaki as a cool color, this is a good combination for both colors.

Even though if you are afraid to wear these kinda opposite colors, you can add either color a bit on your out fit, with bag, nail or scarf so that these can be a very nice combination of colors(*´`*)

If you are not familiar to use either color, this way would be easy for you to challenge to put these colors on your outfit.

These are just a few examples of using Pink color.

Since spring is almost over and summer is coming, why not try to use Pink on your outfits to show your excitement of the new season (〇^^〇)♪