Clothes from my Grandma

Trendy fashion style is coming around in every few decades so it is sure that you may find some fashionable things in your home or even your grandparents’s  home.


I call my grandparents home “Treasure house” as I can find many unique, interesting and fashionable things whenever I visit.

My grandma has been interested in fashion a lot since she was young so she has tons of clothes which she doesn’t wear anymore. She always asks me to take a look these stuff and gives me whatever I like.


Here, I would like to share some clothes I got from her home and share some tips how to mix them with fresh and modern style.


☆Green jacket with flowers

This is actually my favorite jacket and it is very useful to wear with both pants and skirt.

Since there are several colors on this jacket, it will be easier to wear something black so that this jacket will lead the main role of the outfits.

It will be also fashionable if any color from jacket such as green, red, or yellow is on the other outfit and the combination of either these color with this jacket will look a bit more unique than wearing black color.


☆Brown Jacket with satin blouse

This brown jacket is very much cared about details and looks a bit formal as well as this satin blouse. It is nice to wear these pieces together as colors match very well but I would like to casual down by coordinating with jeans or short pants.

Even with black pants, it can be a bit more casual depending on the fabric of pants and your choice of shoes.

What an amazing thing of vintage clothes is these are cared about details very much and you can actually see its delicate design and sewing.



☆Dress with paisley pattern

How it is amazing to see patterns are also coming around as a trend as well as designs every few decades.  This dress can be looked formal if I have small leather bag with gold decoration, like above and I can easily imagine that my grandma wore this dress in a formal way with row heals with small fancy black bag.

But would be nice if I wear with snickers and have a casual cotton back instead of a leather black bag ♪


If you are looking for vintage or antique clothes…. Why not try to ask your grandma or mother if they have anything they do not wear anymore(^^)

It is always fun to think about coordinates to turn out these old and vintage clothes  as fresh and trendy ones with my own items.

Always treasures are surrounding you…☆彡