DIY for Bags


Do you like to follow trends or to have your own style?

Since all fashion stores are following trends each season, it is not easy to have your own different style nowadays.

So I think it is depending on your idea how much your own tastes you can have on your outfits♪。。。 like people say DIY.


I really like to arrange clothes just a bit in order to have my own tastes.


Here, I would like to introduce some of my ideas which definitely you can incorporate into your outfits from today!


☆Use a ribbon you may have in your home

Are you a corrector of small accessories which are from presents or packages??

Sometimes there are many cute small things on packages of presents from my friends or shop bags and I am actually correcting these things such as ribbons, bottom and so on.


If you correct these things as I do, I give you a good idea to use them for your outfits.

I am using ribbons for my simple and cheap bag and normal T-shirts.


Only with a normal ribbon, you can actually see you can make your own new design for any kinds of outfits.



☆Use scarf for your bag

On my outfit, I really like to put a bit of color.

Using scarfs is very good way to put colors and also makes your out fits look a bit more fashionable.

Of course, I like famous high brands but sometimes it is a bit boring to have bags of these brands as usually these are too much well known and the bag itself has such a strong character than my own taste.

I am not sure how you think about this opinion but I can see some people have the same idea as mine.

Because I have seen some people draw messages or pictures on expensive bags to add their own tastes and I think it is very cool!

But unfortunately, I do not have this much big brave to do so…

So I have this idea☆

Also, a very simple bag can be unique if you use a scarf and you can have different tastes by using other colors or patterns of scarfs depending on your outfits.

Why not try to find something you can add to your outfits??

Do you have any other ideas?  Please share with me(^^)★☆彡