DIY for your nail colors♪


It is becoming more and more popular to go to nail salons for one of the fashions of your style.

However, some people are still enjoying to design their own nails by using nail polishes sold in just normal stores and I am actually one of them.


The reason why I like to use nail polishes and do by myself is that the nails act such a big role for my coordinates so I would like to choose colors or designs depending on my outfits.


Since I have been doing so for a long time, I would like to share some ideas which give you to design your nails easily.


☆Use two different colors which have similar contrasts.

Here is an example. I just pick up “Gray” and “Silver” which are similar but still different if you see carefully.

It is so easy to design your nails in this way.

Just pick up some fingers for each color and put them normally.

Color differences are not so obvious to be seen but this way is simply fashionable and fun to enjoy nail polishes very easily.


“ Pink” and “Pearl Brown” can work for the same way as well.


☆Use more than two colors

You maybe wonder if this way will be difficult, however, it is still easy to use even more than two colors for your small nail.

In this case, I use all of the colors and put each of them a little on all nails to create a color combination.

You do not have to care about putting them clearly or correctly when you do so, just please think that you are like drawing and even unbalanced colors can be a design of nails.

If you really do care about details, please select colors which are lighter such as light pink, pearl or glitter colors as these colors are less visible when you put them on your nails even a bit differently.


☆Use glitter nail polish

Glitter color is very useful when you wanna put a bit of accent on your nails.

Since the glitter color does not choose colors of your outfit, it is also useful to design your nails for any outfits.

Another good point to use glitter color is that I can be relaxed to put this color on my nail, it means this color is not obvious even if I put it differently on each nail.

I always but it half of each nail as the color is kind of too strong to put whole part of the nail.

However, as I wrote above, I do not care about lines of when I design nails with this color.




☆Put your favorite color on a small part of your nail

Well… it is hard to explain with words how to put colors on your nails in this way.

Please see the pictures below to find out what I am saying(^^)

The best thing about this way of nail polishing is that you do not care about coming off nail colors easily and keep its design longer.


So how are these? Could you feel that some of the ideas are easy enough to try by yourself?

Let’s try and enjoy colors with nails too♪(●^^●)