DIY for T-shirts☆彡

To enjoy the mid summer, T-shirts can be your everyday outfits regard less any kinds of coordinates.

Since it is a trend to make a combination of T-shirts and cute skirts or dresses, there is a wide range of options to use T-shirts in your outfits.

It is nice to find unique, stylish or sometimes vintage T-shirts but why not to make your own design ???


Here I would like to share my ideas to make your own T-shirts with a tiny and easy effort.


★Cut it !!


The good thing to correct T-shirts is you can easily find simple and affordable ones.

So…you do not have to worry about having mistakes! Just cut it!!!

If you think the shape is too normal or sporty, cut the part of its shoulder♪

If you do not like stitch of your T-shirt, just cut that part☆彡


You even do not have to care about sewing the part you cut off as nowadays without being stitched can be also a cool design.

I also like to make holes on shoulder parts as it can be like a design drawn with flesh color which you can see when you actually wear it♪


★Use buttons

Buttons are a very useful item to arrange any kinds of clothes and of course using them for T-shirts is not the exception.

Even you have never been into sewing, sewing buttons is soooooo easy and you can definitely try to do it now(^^)

You can choose colors or designs for buttons of course and also it is nice to make a combination of buttons and threads.


Actually, you can use buttons to fix the shape of your T-shirts when you have a mistake to cut it too much as well. (This is the reason I started using buttons for T-shirts actually and I found out it can be a good way to create my own design of T-shirts♪)


Aren’t you brave enough to try these things?

I’m sure you may always find some T-shirts which are old or not your favorite shapes from your closet, so do not get scared to make mistakes and just try to arrange them and find out your own design ♪