How to wear Jeans differently

I’m sure everyone has own favorite pair of jeans and it is useful and easy for anyone to coordinate with any colors.

Jeans can fit not only any colors but also any fabrics, for example jeans itself is very casual but if you coordinate with some refined taste of clothes, it will be a good match to make a balance between casual and fancy on your outfits.

You can actually enjoy different tastes on your outfits only by changing colors of jeans♪

Here, I put some coordinates.

Right color jeans with white color


With light color jeans, your outfits can be seen a bit more casual.

It is a nice match with white color for this season ♪ You may put some darker color on your nail if you like … it will be a great combination☆彡

Dark color jeans with black color

If colors of jeans are a bit darker, your outfits will be looked a little more elegant, even though with crush jeans(^^)

Choose darker color of jeans if you do not wanna be too casual.

Differences between just black pants and black jeans

(I am sorry it is a bit hard to show color differences between two blacks in this picture)

Even though comparing the same color, fabric can make your outfit look different.  Jeans has such a great power to make your outfit casual down with a great balance.

Try to compare black jeans and just black pants with jackets or blouses, so that you may find some different tastes on your outfits and you can choose your preference(^^)☆彡

Are you wearing the same pair of jeans  all the time?

Why not try to choose some different and enjoy different tastes easily ♪