Try secondhand clothes in Japan!


If there anyone who has not challenged to buy secondhand clothes in your life??

Are you hesitate to buy secondhand clothes because those are just not new?

Are you uncomfortable to wear clothes after used by strangers?

Sure,  these are really understandable concerns and commonly those who have not tried any secondhand clothes have these feelings.

However, I can still recommend to try on secondhand clothes even though it is the first time for you and also can be sure that you enjoy your shopping in stores.

Here are some great points you may be interested in and I hope these can make you feel willing to try secondhand clothes(^^)


*Brands clothes are collected

Usually, secondhand clothing stores are strict to correct clothes and really care about conditions.

Some stores only buy clothes of limited brands or ones with better conditions than their requirements.

These mean there are only clothes which could pass these very strict regulations in stores so you actually do not have to be too worried about conditions of these used clothes.

Sometimes you cannot realize that these are secondhand when you are looking at clothes in a store because of almost perfectly clean conditions of clothes.

As I wrote some secondhand stores only correct specific brands, you do not hesitate to trust its original condition either.

And it gives you an easy way to find your favorite ones in a secondhand store if you have any favorite brands!

☆RAGTAG  Brand List

☆Kind Brand List



*Able to check details on a tag

It is necessary to make sure conditions of clothes whenever and wherever you buy secondhand clothes. Sometimes it is a bit of hard work to check all of them when you are doing shopping in stores but still, you want to know why clothes are secondhand and cheap.

In Japan, many secondhand stores are putting tags which show detailed conditions of each clothes such as where already got dirty on clothes, condition rank, original price and so on.

I can say it is easy for anyone to make sure whether those secondhand clothes are still worth to be purchased or not by checking these tags and it also gives you more comfortable feeling to do shopping in secondhand clothing stores.

Japan is well known as an organized country and you can see this fact in secondhand clothing stores as well.

Clothes are sold at cheaper prices only because these are secondhand but actually almost all clothes in stores are still very much wearable as if these are like new ones.

Please try!  It would be fun for you to find some clothes designated by Japanese designers☆彡