Shopping in Tokyo 2

Tokyo is one of the greatest shopping districts for antiques in the world!

Almost all fashionable areas in the world have great antique stops or markets, and Tokyo is not the exception!!

If you are in Tokyo, why not find out Japanese antiques which can be rarely available outside of Japan☆彡

In this page, I would like to introduce Koenji area which is a bit outside of center of Tokyo but still very near and convenient to visit !

Koenji Station Map

Koenji is the place where you may find your own style for fashion as there are many unique and individual small shops or variety stores.

It is very much fun to find out new stores in each narrow street and you would never get bored to be there♪  In this place, fashion will be your own style without strong inspirations of trends.

Hereinafter, I would like to introduce one place where you may find Japanese antique clothes in this area★

★Peep Cheep

There are wide range of retro one pieces made in 1960’s from around 3,000JPY !  Although they are dealing in some clothes from overseas, almost all of them are made in and from Japan♪

You may definitely find many cute and retro accessories which will suit antique one pieces. You may not leave this store without checking scarfs which are near the cashier counter and also do not forget to check some remake and handmade items as well ♪(^^)

Peep Cheep Map

Peep Cheep Website(In Japanese only)