Shopping in Tokyo 3

Are you interested in Japanese fashion?

Would you like to put some shopping plans into your travel schedule?


Here, I would like to share Shinjyuku area for your time to do shopping.

Shinjyuku is one of the most popular destinations for both locals and tourists. More than 3.5 million people are using this station per day which is considered the busiest transportation hub in the world and is actually registered with the Guinness record.


Because of this fact, it is easy for you to imagine that there are so many places to see and of course shopping is one of those things you need to enjoy in this area.

Even though it is very nice to walk around Shinjyuku area to find some small boutiques, I would like to introduce the place where is more convenient and probably you can save your time to do shopping in this article.

(well… still, there is a possibility that you will spend more time for shopping because of many great shops in the place though (●^_^●)



LUMINE EST is a department store of fashion, some items for daily life as well as some restaurants and I’m sure it is the place you may find many trendy things for Japanese people.


There are actually three LUMINEs near Shinjyuku station and each has different taste.

LUMINE EST is the one you may find a bit more casual and less expensive items compared to other two LUMINEs and I recommend LUMINE EST for people who are interested in so called “Japanese fashion” and younger people who maybe have limited budgets for shopping.

This is the URL of LUMINE EST♪


I would like to share some of my favorite stores in LUMINE EST below☆彡

◆Le Talon (Shoe store) : B2nd floor

I really like this shoe store as there are shoes which are not just only useful but have also a bit unique designs even in this small shop. You may definitely find shoes for work and special occasions in your private life from the variety of different collections.

There are also some clothes and I can find unique but very much wearable ones every time I visit this store, so do not forget to take a look at them as well.

Website of Le Talon is as below (only in Japanese)



In this store, you may find basic clothes which you may definitely use in your daily life both for your work and weekends.

Maybe “Cute fashion” is well-known in the world as a Japanese fashion but basic, clean and simple fashion style is also for many Japanese people.

Their fashion styles are following the trend with their own tastes.

You may find what kind of clothes and accessories they have from the following webpage♪

(all written in Japanese)


◆BEAMS : B2nd floor


Here, you may actually find some of the items similar to UNITED ARROWS written above but also there are some of a bit more casual and unique items as well.

I recommend you to take time for taking a look at accessories in this store as they have many kinds of different ones for price and design.

It is also nice to go both UNITED ARROWS and BEAMS to compare items you are interested in with price or small details of its design as same as I do always. (This is one of the main reasons that I always take time to do shopping hahahaha♪)

Find your favorite items in advance to save your time for shopping☆


◆flower : 3rd floor

This is the place you may find girlish items which exactly fit your image of “Japanese daily fashion style”.  Almost all of their clothes have some of cute tastes but still can be arranged for your daily coordinates. In this store, I also buy accessories as well, since these look like hand made and I think accessories are a good item to add a little cute taste on my outfits.

There are some collections of secondhand clothes too. You may enjoy taking a look at them as well, although many of these are from Europe or US.

Please refer to the following web page to see how cute their clothes are♪


Of course, there are more stores in LUMINE EST !!

Even though Japanese fashion is influenced world’s trend, of course, I hope you can find some of the Japanese original tastes here.


Enjoy your shopping♪


☆彡I will share about LUMINE 1 in my next article ☆彡