Shopping in Tokyo 4


In this article, I still would like to continue introducing the shopping place, “LUMINE”, in Shinjyuku area.

Compared to LUMINE EST which is the one I wrote in my previous article, LIMINE 1 and 2 select a bit more luxury and designable collections and you may easily find high brands stores as well. Of course, these can be more expensive than most of the things in LUMINE EST but please do not worry about your budget too much as still many things are affordable there as well.

Here, I would like to list up some of my favorite stores.I hope you can enjoy taking a look at them as well as I do♪

I hope you can enjoy taking a look at them as well as I do♪


In LUMINE1, I can recommend you to go to the underground floor, B2, in addition to these fashion stores listed below. There are many cheap but good restaurants to make your stomach full quickly. I really like Thai food restaurant called “Bangkokyataikaosan” where looks like a casual local restaurant in Thai!! This is the place you can enjoy on your own as well as your friends both for lunch and dinner(^^)♪


Once you become full with a great Thai food, let’s explore fashion shores ☆彡


◆Shinzone : 2F

This is the Japanese select shop.

Selected clothes go well with denim and have very high quality with casual tastes.

In addition, since these clothes are not only very basic but also blushed up with current mode, it is very easy and also cool to make modern styles with clothes from Shinzone .


You may definitely come up with your new idea for your coordinate to take a look at Shinzone’s cool styles.


◆IENA : 3F

IENA is the Japanese bland and offers French basic clothes for women who are enjoying their own time both at work and private life.

Their clothes are following trends of course but also have sophisticated design which allow you to wear timelessly.

You may see what is French fashion image we Japanese people have in this store as well.


◆Bshop : 5F

This is also a select shop and dealing in not only Japanese brands but also from many places in the world, such as UK, US, Italy, France and so on.

Selected clothes are very high quality with classic tastes so that you may use them for a long time regardless any trends.


If you are the person who especially focuses on quality for clothes than unique design, I definitely recommend you to visit this store.




LUMINE2 is located just next to LUMINE1 so you can definitely take some time to visit this department as well.

The interesting about LUMINE2 is that there is a hall where you can see shows of Japanese comedians on the 7th floor. This show company is from Osaka, where is the place people are looking for fun and laugh all the time. If you are interested in, it is worth to visit, well…most of shows are provided only in Japanese though☆


There are many stores on the 2nd floor but I would like to pick up these two unique stores below.


◆gelato pique : 2F

This is the store only deals in room clothes.

It is becoming a trend in Japan to have comfortable and good quality room clothes to enjoy and be relax in own home.

Items are very girlish and pretty much Japanese tastes (regardless its name) so it would be nice to buy something for souvenir from Japan.


Girls !!  You should visit here to put some cute tastes for your time in the home♪


◆snidel : 2F

This is the Japanese brand offers “Sweet Street Fashion”.

The reason why I would like to share this store here is exactly the concept written above.

It can be easy for you to put some “ cute “ tastes by using clothes from “snidel”.

Even if you only take a look at their coordinates from the following URL or of course at the store, it will help you to come up with new ideas for your daily coordinates.

There are even more stores of course!!

Hope you find your favorite one(●^^●)