Shopping in Tokyo 5

Are you looking for a good place to buy some Japanese stuff?? 

And maybe better for you to do shopping in a convenient place where you actually can visit as many places as possible in a short time? 

 I’m sure that you may find many traditional Japanese souvenirs if you visit Asakusa or Ueno, or even in somewhere in Shinjyuku, but the place I want to strongly recommend you to visit is “KITTE” which is near from Tokyo station. 

 Now you are curious why I pick us this specific place for shopping, aren’t you ?? 

 Here are some great reasons which can make you visit there !! 


☆Find practical stuff which has both modern and traditional Japanese tastes! 

 As I wrote above, it is not so difficult to find any Japanese stuff anywhere in a big city, Tokyo. 

However, I can still recommend visiting KITTE especially as there are many unique things which mix with traditional Japanese tastes and modern design.  

These combinations are not only working to make things unique but also practical for our daily life. 

 Here are some shops you may find those things in KITTE. 


*Good Design Store 


*CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” 





☆Find very much Japanese pattern on fashion accessories 


If you would like to find something normal but with Japanese taste, this is the place you should visit. 

In many shops, there are things in original editions with Japanese tastes. Since this means that things are not made for souvenirs but daily life, you may find things in your mind but with Japanese tastes. 


Especially fashion accessories, you may find ones with Japanese patterns. 


Take a look at those stores where you may find the one! 




*石見銀山 群言堂 

(Iwami-Ginzan Gungendo)  

Of course, you may find more shops in addition to above ones and also I would like to recommend to check restaurants in this building as well. 


Enjoy your time for shopping efficiently and worthy ♪ 



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